Akai Katana Arcade Board Available for $2,600

Akai Katana Arcade Board Available for $2,600


Beloved bullet hell shooter developer Cave is selling PCB arcade boards of its highly anticipated new title – Akai Katana -for a small fortune. The boards will run you £1,500, ¥220,000 or around $2,600.


If you have this much more money than you need and are absolutely bananas about arcade shooters, or just like pondering how ridiculous prices like this come about, then you may find this relevant. If you only want to play the game, it hits the Japanese Xbox 360 next month.

Remember that 360 games are region locked and you’ll need a Japanese 360 to play an import copy. Let’s hope that AKSYS gives the game the same treatment as Deathsmiles, Cave’s last game, and publishes it in North America.