Akaneiro Kickstarter Gets Update and New Rewards

Akaneiro Kickstarter Gets Update and New Rewards

Spicy Horse Games has announced several new updates for their Kickstarter game, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters.

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters will begin open beta for the game that will provide access to advanced character training, weapon improvements, and some areas that are still under development such as the Shivering Pines. Players will be able to visit the games official site to sign up for the open beta here. The beta will run until January 16th to see how much stress the game can handle.

A new location, Ghostclaw Caverns, has been revealed for the game and will have players exploring the once sacred place that housed the wolf god Moroko. The Temple Road will have players trying to reclaim the Temple by stopping Gashadokuro and his army of trees.

Backers will be happy to know that the team at Spicy Horse Games are working on decisions about stretch goals and have introduced a new reward tier. The game has gotten a new stretch goal to include a Linux version of the game and a penguin inspired pet as a new tier reward for backers that pledge $100 or more.

Gamers that have been following the Kickstarter for the unique action RPG take on Red Riding Hood will want to keep following their Kickstarter campaign and consider checking out the open beta.