Truant Pixel Reveals New VN Title, Akash: Path of the Five; 4K Reveal Trailer is Stunning

Truant Pixel Reveals New VN Title, Akash: Path of the Five; 4K Reveal Trailer is Stunning

Truant Pixel, best known for their jaw-dropping PlayStation themes and their one-off PlayStation VR title, VEV: Viva Ex Vivo, have revealed their latest title — Akash: Path of the Five. A far cry from VEV’s arcade-oriented exploration, Akash instead is an otome visual novel; a romance-oriented game with the female character taking the lead.

In Akash: Path of the Five, players will assume the role of Aurora, a member of a fantasy race known as the “Al’wan,” or elementals. For nearly a millenia, the number of elemental girls born has dwindled, forcing them to interbreed with humans to save their race from extinction. As the first elemental girl the village of Akash has seen in over 200 years, all eyes are on Aurora while she prepares for her Coming of Age Ceremony. Tensions between her home village and a neighboring village of humans boil over, threatening an all-out war. Players will have the opportunity to cultivate a romance with one of her five classmates, navigate the conflict between the two races, and plan the greatest Coming of Age Ceremony the village of Akash has seen in two centuries.

Akash: Path of the Five will be coming to PlayStation 4; PlayStation 4 Pro owners can take advantage of some stunning visuals in 4K. The voice-acting cast is star studded, including Todd Haberkorn (Fire Emblem Awakening), Vic Mignona (Fullmetal Alchemist)and rising internet personality SungWon Cho. Finally, it’s worth noting that Akash: Path of the Five boasts an original soundtrack, expressive CGs, and multiple endings to explore.

Akash: Path of the Five will launch exclusively on PlayStation 4, however at the moment there is no release date set. Anyone attending PAX South can see the game in action and speak with Truant Pixel themselves.

DualShockers interviewed Truant Pixel about Akash, and that will be live in the upcoming day. Check out the 4K reveal trailer below, and some of unique-looking environments below: