Akiba’s Trip 2 Coming to PS4 with Improved Graphics, Crowded Streets, Interactive Streaming and More

Akiba’s Trip 2 Coming to PS4 with Improved Graphics, Crowded Streets, Interactive Streaming and More

Fans of quirky Japanese games on PS4 have one more reason to rejoice today, as the prominent Japanese retailer Sofmap just made the PS4 version of Acquire’s Akiba’s Trip 2 available for pre-order.

The listing mentions a July 3rd release date (in Japan) and a 5,180 yen (just over 50 bucks) price. What’s more interesting is that the retailer also details all the upgrades coming with the PS4 version:

  • Those that will purchase the first print of the game will get a “Character Variation Set” download code, that will paint the clothes of the heroines in different colors..
  • Overall graphics will be improved and load times reduced. The number of NPCs on the street will also be increased, making the environment closer to the real Akihabara.
  • A “Visual Editor” will be included, for instance you can create a “cyberspace” wireframe version of Akihabara or change the atmosphere to Summer Dusk, enjoying unusual versions of Akihabara.
  • Almost all DLCs will be included included: the Swimwear set for the heroines will be included from the beginning. In addition to that, almost all paid DLCs distributed for the PS3 and PS Vita versions will be part of the package. “Chibi Mode” will be unlocked after clearing the game.
  • Interactive streaming will be implemented to enjoy the game together with viewers. When the player is in a pinch and the viewers enter “help,” the main character’s sister equipped in super-powerful gear will come to the rescue. Moreover, funny elements will be available, like making it rain panties on the city after a “Panty Jump.”

While Acquire still didn’t make an official announcement, the listing is extremely detailed, so we can pretty much take it as a semi-confirmation.

XSeed Games already announced that it will localize the PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game between the Summer and the Fall of this year, and we reached out to ask if the PS4 port is on the menu as well. We’ll keep you updated on any relevant information we’ll receive.

Update: the information has been confirmed by Acquire, officially promoting this from a rumor to sanctioned news.