Aksys Games Donates Portion of Little Dragons Café Sales to Charity

Aksys Games Donates Portion of Little Dragons Café Sales to Charity

Aksys Games announced today that they plan on donating $10,000 of Little Dragons Café's profits to Extra Life.

Last month, Toybox Inc. and Aksys Games released their restaurant-management/adventure game Little Dragons Café on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Overall, the game is quite the wholesome experience, and publisher Aksys Games seems to be expanding that kindness into the real world by donating to charity Extra Life.

Specifically, Aksys Games will be $10,000 of Little Dragons Café’s profits to Extra Life this year. For those of you who aren’t aware, Extra Life is a charity that was formed in 2008 and gets gamers to raise money for 170 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. So far, Extra Life has raised $30 million dollars, and that number continues to grow yearly thanks to various fundraisers and charitable donations from companies like Aksys Games.


Akibo Shieh, founder and CEO of Aksys Games, discussed why Aksys Games decided to donate to Extra Life:

“In Little Dragons Café, the twins are working with a ragtag group of friends to save their mother from a mysterious illness. We wanted to partner with Extra Life because their campaign to mobilize the gaming industry to work together has raised millions of dollars in the past 10 years for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and helped to heal thousands of kids.”

As for the game itself, Little Dragons Café follows brother and sister Rin and Ren as they take care of the titular café after their mother falls ill due to the dragon blood in her veins. Gameplay is a interesting mix between exploring the world for ingredients, rhythm-based cooking, and standard restaurant management, all while taking care of quirky characters that make their way to the café.

If you want to see DualShockers thoughts on the game, you can check out our reviewLittle Dragons Café is currently available on Nintendo Switch and PS4, and can be picked up on Amazon. 

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