Aksys Games Slashes Prices on Tons of PSN Titles

on March 19, 2015 1:44 PM

Fans who enjoy titles of Japanese origin and saving money should listen up for details on Aksys Games’ huge 10th anniversary sale.

The publisher has chopped more than 50% off the regular price for numerous digital titles available through the PlayStation Network Store. Take $10 off Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! or Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma for PS3 or PS Vita. Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi for the PSP (compatible with PS Vita) regularly goes for $19.99 but is down to just $7.99 on sale. See the full list below:

 Game Title  Game System  Original Price  Markdown Price
 Arcana Heart 3  “PS3”  $29.99  $14.99
 Arcana Heart 3 LOVE  MAX!!!!!  “PS3”  $39.99  $24.99
 Arcana Heart 3 LOVE  MAX!!!!!  “PS Vita”  $39.99  $24.99
 Battle Fantasia  “PS3”  $14.99  $9.99
 BlazBlue: Calamity  Trigger Portable  PSP® system  $ 9.99  $7.99
 BlazBlue: Chrono  Phantasma  “PS3”  $39.99  $29.99
 BlazBlue: Chrono  Phantasma  “PS Vita”  $39.99  $29.99
 Blazing Souls  Accelate  PSP® system  $ 9.99  $7.99
 Crazy Strike Bowling  “PS3”  $ 9.99  $5.99
 Hakuoki: Stories of  the  Shinsengumi  “PS3”  $39.99  $19.99
 Hakuoki: Warriors of  the  Shinsengumi  PSP® system  $19.99  $7.99
 IKEMEN Bundle  (Mimana,  Ragnarok,  Cho Aniki)   PSP® system  $24.99  $19.99
 Magus  “PS3”  $14.99  $9.99
 Mind Zero  “PS Vita”  $39.99  $24.99
 Ragnarok Tactics  PSP® system  $ 9.99  $7.99
 Record of Agarest  War  “PS3”  $14.99  $9.99
 Record of Agarest  War 2  “PS3”  $29.99  $19.99
 Record of Agarest  War Bundle  (1, Zero,  and 2)  “PS3”  $49.99  $39.99
 Record of Agarest  War Zero  “PS3”  $19.99  $14.99
 Sorcery Saga  “PS Vita”  $ 24.99  $14.99
 Sweet Fuse: At Your  Side  PSP® system  $14.99  $9.99
 XBlaze Code:  Embryo  “PS3”  $39.99  $19.99
 XBlaze Code:  Embryo  “PS Vita”  $39.99  $19.99


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