Remedy Says It’s Already Working on Next Game that Will Share the Same Universe as Alan Wake and Control

Remedy Says It’s Already Working on Next Game that Will Share the Same Universe as Alan Wake and Control

The RCU (Remedy Connected Universe) is upon us, and Remedy itself has said it already has more plans for a future game that ties in with Alan Wake and Control.

Remedy just yesterday revealed the AWE expansion for Control and it confirmed that Alan Wake himself, the main protagonist from one of the studio’s most popular games ever, will be appearing in the DLC. While this crossover has been teased for quite some time now, it seems as though the shared universe that Alan Wake and Control both reside within isn’t stopping here.

In a new blog post over on Remedy’s website today, the studio talked about the AWE expansion and what it means for the future. Remedy explained that for over a decade, it has slowly planted seeds to have some of its titles later be connected to one another. “Each game is a stand-alone experience, but each game is also a doorway into a larger universe with exciting opportunities for crossover events,” the blog post explained.

AWE marks the first time that Remedy has decided to fully bridge the gap between two of its games, but it also won’t be the last. Likely the most vital piece of information that Remedy provided today came in the confirmation that the developer is already working on its next game, which is also set in this RCU (Remedy Connected Universe). “We’re already hard at work on a future Remedy game that also takes place in this same universe,” Remedy said.

The idea that Remedy is now creating a full-blown shared universe is quite enticing, but it could be a few years before we actually see what the studio’s next game ends up becoming. Considering that it is still working on Control in addition to the campaign for CrossfireX, the next game from Remedy likely might still be pretty far away from releasing.

That said, AWE seems to be providing our first look into what this future entry could be related to. Will it be a direct sequel to Control or Alan Wake? Or will it be a new IP altogether that just happens to tie-in with these properties? Hopefully, the forthcoming add-on expansion teases what Remedy could be cooking up for the future.

As for Control: AWE itself, the DLC is set to release on August 27 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Remedy will also be showing off the first 15-minutes of AWE next week via a new live stream, if you’re interested in checking it out prior to launch.