Alan Wake Remastered Ending Explained - Does Alice Die?

By Sam Woods

October 5, 2021

While its gameplay may not necessarily hold up in 2021, Alan Wake Remastered still offers a fantastic narrative to get stuck into.

Following famous author, Alan Wake, players explore the mystery of Bright Falls and the paranormal happenings that are going on all around him.

One of the immediate themes of the game explores the relationship between Alan and his wife Alice, which has come under strain due to the writer’s block which Alan is suffering.

Right at the beginning, tragedy befalls the pair, leaving players to ask: Does Alice really die in Alan Wake Remastered? Let’s take a look at that and explain what happens with the game’s ending!

WARNING: There will be spoilers ahead, so if you’ve not played the game yet and are worried about spoilers, bookmark this article and have the Alan Wake ending explained later.

Alan Wake Remastered | PlayStation Showcase 2021 Announce Trailer

Alan Wake Remastered | PlayStation Showcase 2021 Announce Trailer

What Happens To Alice?

Near the beginning of the game, Alan and Alice arrive at their cabin. The two have an argument regarding Alice’s decision to have a study set up to help Alan write. This upsets Alan who storms off.

Fast forward a little an Alan hears Alice screaming in the lodge, with all of the lights turned off, something he finds strange due to Alice’s fear of the dark. He fights his way to the cabin and rushes out the back, only to see Alice sinking to the bottom of the lake.

Throughout the game, Alan is doing everything he can to figure out what has happened to Alice, even being told that she is dead and that everything going on around him is simply a coping by Doctor Hartman. Alan refuses to believe this.

Alan Wake Remastered Ending Explained – Does Alice Die?

At the end of the game, Alan defeats the darkness and makes his way back to the cabin once again. He settles down to finish the novel, something he has discovered is the only way that he can bring Alice back from the darkness.

After a conversation earlier on, Alan realises that the reason Zane failed in his quest was that he didn’t sacrifice himself. Therefore, Alan trades his life for Alice’s. He then fades into the darkness as Alice is seen climbing out of the lake. This means that Alice doesn’t die in Alan Wake.

If players wish to know more, this is explained in further detail in the American Nightmare DLC as well as Remedy’s 2019 hit, Control, in which Alice Wake makes an appearance!

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