Alan Wake Wins TIME’s Game of the Year Award

Alan Wake Wins TIME’s Game of the Year Award


Alan Wake may be generally well received, but it is not a bestseller. For some reason, it seems that 360 owners have slept on what is possibly the most interesting exclusive game that the console has seen in a while.


When you combine that with the fact that we know of very few confirmed Xbox exclusives for next year, one can’t help but wish the game would have gotten a better wrap. According to TIME’s top ten games of 2010 list there wasn’t a better game than AW to release. Author Evan Narcisse raves:

“Lots of video-game covers have a bold M on their lower left corner, but none have felt as mature as Alan Wake does. It’s a unique and fun experiment and one of the best games of the year.”

It’s really nice to see the game being recognized in this way, even if its sales weren’t as hot as some other exclusives. If you’re an Xbox 360 gamer and you’re wondering why the console’s biggest, most reappearing games are all shooters, it’s because you all slept on Alan Wake, a Game of the Year winner. Here’s to Halo 10.