Alan Wake’s American Nightmare OST Announced

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare OST Announced

The next iteration of the game known for its music (Alan Wake featured songs by David Bowie, Depeche Mode, and my own personal favorite Poets of the Fall) is sure to have a soundtrack just as stunning, if the new information we have is anything to go by.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will once again have an OST. Current titles include English rock band Kasabian’s first single  “Club Foot”, Ed Harcourt’s “Me Watching the Sun Come Up” (I’m guessing a feature in Fight Till Dawn mode), and a new single from Poets of the Fall’s in-game counterpart, Old Gods of Asgard.

In a funny little piece of plot, Alan’s agent and friend Barry is the new manager for Old Gods of Asgard in American Nightmare.

When asked about the music, Oskari Häkkinen, Remedy Entertainment’s head of franchise development, stated “music played an important role in the original Alan Wake and we’ve carried that tradition over to American Nightmare with an exceptionally strong selection of original and licensed songs.”

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is currently on schedule to be released in late February or March. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, check out my hands-on preview.