Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Has Ensured Over 450,000 Trees Have Been Planted

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Has Ensured Over 450,000 Trees Have Been Planted

Ustwo is almost halfway to their one million tree target.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a game about nature. Assuming the role of the title character, players travel to a Mediterranean island with the aim of snapping photographs and saving the land. On releasing the game, developers Ustwo pledged to plant a tree for every copy downloaded, something which is very fitting with Alba’s themes. The project is taking place with the help of Ecologi and since the title’s release last year has got off to a fantastic start.

Confirmed via Twitter, the project has seen more than 450,000 trees planted in just a month and a half. That’s a little under half of their one million tree target, with some massive releases still to come.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure released last December on PC and iOS with console releases due in Spring 2021. The game is slated to come to Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S within the next few months. Those releases present Ustwo with plenty more opportunity to sell the game and plant more trees. The game got its official Nintendo Switch reveal during an Indie World Showcase around the time of the game’s PC launch.

Ustwo is probably best known for its mobile hit, Monument Valley. The puzzle title had an astonishing 26 million downloads back in 2016, generating the company $14 million in revenue. This lead to the announcement and release of the sequel, Monument Valley 2.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure isn’t the only video game that has been used to help great causes recently. Last year, Hellmann’s Canada created an island on Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This island would allow players to drop off their spoiled turnips. For every rotten turnip placed on Hellmann’s five-star Island, the sauce makers would offer a meal to those who needed it most.