Albion Online Receives Final Development Recap Video Before Official Launch

Albion Online Receives Final Development Recap Video Before Official Launch

Albion Online just received the final developer diary ahead of its July 17, 2017 official release.

Sandbox Interactive released the final development recap video for its upcoming MMORPG Albion Online. In the new video, which can be seen below, we get to take a closer look at the game’s Outland improvements. Outlands are the game’s territories, and from what we see in the video, the improvements look pretty slick. Albion Online is scheduled to launch on PC on July 17, 2017.

Albion Online is a MMORPG set in the medieval fantasy world of Albion. The game will feature full crafting options for players requiring them to craft every single weapon and building. Albion Online will also favor the “you are what you wear” class system which eliminates class restrictions. If you are an archer and want to swap out to a mage, no problem, just throw on some mage gear and you’re all set. Lastly, the game will feature full PvE and PvP features that players are used to in MMO’s.

Here is a breakdown of the key points discussed in the latest development recap video:

  • Caerleon as the Portal to the Outlands

Sandbox Interactive wasn’t happy with the way harbors and cities in the Outlands fulfilled their roles of being a home for guilds without territories or players who have been excluded from the continent. Hence, they will be removed with “Hector”, and the city of Caerleon, being in the center of the Royal Continent and in the middle of the PvP zone, will from now on serve as the single access point to the Outlands. There is now a single great portal which connects the city with the various parts of the Outlands.

  • Distribution of Resources and other Changes

Two changes will affect the resources in the Outlands: First of all, the resource distribution will be changed. All parts of the Outlands will receive the same amount of resources. However, the harder black zones within the Outlands will additionally receive a significantly higher amount of enchanted resources than the easier ones. This makes the Outlands a lot more attractive for Gatherers.

Secondly, the watchtower territories within the Outlands will be boosted to make them more attractive for the Guild-vs-Guild fight. After the update, the watchtowers will be the only territories in Albion with Tier-8 resources. In addition, the resources will spawn at the beginning of the primetime of the respective territory, so that players can immediately start gathering.

Please evacuate Items!
Since the harbors and cities in the Outlands will be removed with the upcoming “Hector” update, as will the banks and market places there, Sandbox Interactive advises players to collect their items stored in those banks and market places and bring them somewhere safe. This should be done by June 7, 2017 when “Hector” will be released.

Albion Online is scheduled to release on PC on July 17, 2017. Players that want to try the game out now can purchase a Founder’s Pack from the official website.