Alice: Otherlands Is Successfully Funded On Kickstarter; Rose Over 20K More Than Original Goal

on August 6, 2013 12:14 AM

After an exciting but tense campaign, which started on the heels of the recently cancelled OZombie Kickstarter, it seems that American McGee finally had a (rather large) stroke of luck. Alice: Otherlands has been successfully funded as of yesterday, with an ending amount of $222,377–over $20,000 more than the original goal of $200,000.

Alice: Otherlands is the third entry into the Alice trilogy; the first being American McGee’s Alice and the second Alice: Madness Returns. However, unlike the first two, Otherlands is not a video game but instead will be a series of short animated films. As stated by McGee, this could also mean a full-length feature film sometime down the line.

According to the most recent update, in less than two days backers will have an option to create a BackerKit account. This handy account stores all your Kickstarter information and even allows you to change some of the awards given and switch from a physical to digital tier and vice versa.

If you still would like to support the effort, the PayPal option is still available–go here to contribute.

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