Where Are The Fortnite Alien Artifacts For Week 5? - All Locations

Here's the location of all 5 Alien Artifacts for Week 5!

By Kyle Knight

July 7, 2021

Week 5 of Fortnite will kick off this Wednesday (July 7) with new Legendary Quests for players to complete, then the next day brand new Alien Artifacts and Epic Quests will arrive on the island.

Thanks to Fortnite leakers, we know the exact location of the Week 5 Alien Artifacts before they release this Thursday. So you know where to drop when the artifacts go live, DualShockers has put together a map and detailed descriptions of the new artifact locations.

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Loki, The God of Mischief, Tricks His Way into the July Fortnite Crew

Loki, The God of Mischief, Tricks His Way into the July Fortnite Crew

Fortnite Alien Artifacts – Week 5 Locations

Below you will find a map featuring the new Alien Artifacts for Week 5 in Fortnite. Check out the description below for more details.

  • Believer Beach = At the southeast corner of Believer Beach there is a bluehouse, break the roof of this building to find the artifact inside.
  • Pleasant Park = In the very centre of Pleasant Park there is a small hut with no walls, go inside of the hut and look up to find the artifact in the ceiling.
  • East of Craggy Cliffs = Head east of Craggy Cliffs along the shoreline, you will arrive at a slight incline, the artifact can be located infront of a tree.
  • Retail Row = On the east side of Retail Row players will find a basketball court and a bus stop next to it, the artifact can be found behind the bus stop.
  • Misty Meadows = Head to Misty Meadows and locate the large clock tower overlooking the POI, the artifact can be found in the roof of the tower.

How Do You Get The Artifacts?

Collecting the new Alien Artifacts for Week 5 is simply, once you’ve discovered them on the island using the map above, simply walk through them. Once you’ve walked through an artifact, it should disappear, there’s no need to interact with it, shoot it, or anything else.

When Will Week 6 Start?

Week 6 will officially begin in Fortnite on Wednesday, July 14th. This is when new Legendary Quests will arrive for players to complete.

The following day, Thursday, July 15th, is when new Epic Quests and Alien Artifacts will arrive.

Both days will release the new content at 7AM PT / 10AM ET / 3PM BST.

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