The Behemoth Provides a First-Look at Alien Hominid Invasion Gameplay

Alien Hominid Invasion lets you and three of your friends run and gun through a cartoon world as fun-loving aliens. What more could you want?

Nearly a month ago, The Behemoth finally pulled back the curtain on Alien Hominid Invasion, the famed studio’s fifth game. At the time, the team wasn’t sharing much besides the name and a few graphics; however that all changes today. With a brand new trailer, we’re getting our first look at exactly what the team behind games like Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater is up to next. Check it out below.

As you can see, the classic style The Behemoth is known for is still alive and well. The graphics retain that same early Flash feel, while also being way more refined and smooth than their previous efforts. And it’s good the game looks great because there is so much happening on screen. Alien Hominid Invasion continues the series tradition of being a side-scrolling shoot-’em-up in the style of a Metal Slug, but they’ve taken the action to another level.

Up to four players can jump in and play together with Invasion. That’s double the player count of Alien Hominid, which means double the craziness. It also looks like randomized loot is going to play a huge factor in Invasion. That should spice things up for multiple play-throughs, and provide fun ways for you and your friends to play off each other.

The first Alien Hominid was a revelation at the time. Coming from the world of Newgrounds Flash games into the mainstream always felt like a big deal. And now, The Behemoth is going back to that well in an updated and seemingly very fun way. Hopefully, Alien Hominid Invasion can surpass its predecessor.

Alien Hominid Invasion will launch on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One once they wrap up development.

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