Alien Hunters Are Coming in the Next XCOM 2 DLC

on May 5, 2016 2:43 PM

PC exclusive XCOM 2 will get a little tougher next week when the “Alien Hunters” DLC drops. The expansion can be purchased for a standalone price of $9.99 or it will be included for owners of the “Reinforcement Pack”.

The pack includes a narrative-driven single player mission as well as new enemies as weapon skins. The Ruler enemy type adds an unpredictable twist to missions across the game. Read on below:

These new Rulers, including the Viper King, are quite formidable, Commander. They will show up at random in your campaign, once you’ve completed the new narrative mission, and each will have their own unique behavior and tactics, so don’t expect them to act like their subordinates. If you can’t take out a ruler quick enough, the alien will escape to fight another day. We believe these rulers are incredibly intelligent and are pursuing your soldiers across the globe.

“Alien Hunters” requires players to own XCOM 2 and launches on May 12.

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