Alien: Isolation on Nintendo Switch Release Date Revealed With New Trailer

Feral Interactive has announced that Alien: Isolation will be heading to the Nintendo Switch platform next month with all previous DLCs.

If there’s anything I’ve wanted more, it’s the ability to be scared absolutely ****less by a game in public, while playing on my Nintendo Switch. Thankfully, Feral Interactive has announced a release date through a trailer —found below— for the first-person shooter horror Alien: Isolation that will be heading to Nintendo Switch next month.

The trailer shows off a blend of cinematics and what looks to be gameplay running on the Nintendo Switch, which I think looks fantastic. The trailer seems to indicate that the game will be available from the eShop only with no retail version available at the moment. Pre-purchases are also available starting from today.

For those unaware, Alien: Isolation is set in the same universe as the Alien films and finds the protagonist, Amanda Ripley boards Sevastopol space station to find her missing mother. Instead, she finds herself being hunted by a Xenomorph through dark hallways and with a lack of weapons. There are other beings on the ship too, which adds to the constant fear.

Players have to keep tabs on its whereabouts by using a tracking device and then hide when it’s nearby, otherwise, they face getting bitten in the face by the weird face-tongue thing that’s inside of the Xenomorph face.

The title was already announced to be heading to the Switch back in June, and then in October, we saw gameplay and content with the release date still slated for sometime in 2019. The Switch version of the game will also come packed with the base game and all 7 of the previously launched DLCs, which includes Last Survivor. It will also introduce gyroscopic aiming and HD rumble for added immersion.

Alien: Isolation has now been given an official launch date for December 5 and will be available to download from the eShop at 17.7GB. The game is also available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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