Alienation Getting Huge Update July 5; Season Pass Also Revealed

Alienation Getting Huge Update July 5; Season Pass Also Revealed

Housemarque announced on PlayStation Blog that Alienation will be getting a huge content update on July 5th.

The update brings plenty of new things to the game, including local co-op, leagues, new difficulty modes, and more hero levels.


Local co-op will support up to four players.  Players will have to work together to defeat the Xenos, but have to fight over who gets the loot.

Leagues will consist of five ranks with each league cycle lasting one week. This mode unlocks new bullet colors.

Two new difficulty modes, Expert and Master, are being added to the game.

The update also introduces more hero levels and a few new trophies to Alienation.

While all of those preceding changes will be free, Housemarque will also be releasing both the Survivor’s Pack and Season Pass on the same date.

The Survivor’s Pack includes the Vortex Grenade, which sucks enemies into a black hole when thrown. It also makes all primary weapons available to all hero classes, and adds three exclusive bullet colors. It will be $5.99.

The Season Pass nets you the Survivor’s Pack, along with the upcoming Conqueror’s Pack, Veteran Heroes Pack, the original soundtrack, and a dynamic theme.  The Season Pass will cost f$9.99.


You can look at some new screenshots of what is being added below.  Alienation is out now exclusively on PS4.