Alienation Trophy List Revealed, Platinum Will Take Time

The trophy list for upcoming Housemarque shooter Alienation has been revealed thanks to PSN Profiles. There are thirty-three total trophies split between the platinum, four gold, twelve silver, and sixteen bronze trophies.

For those looking for another platinum trophy prepare for a time suck as many of the trophies require players to reach what I presume to be the maximum level. Examples include: Reach hero level 100, Reach level 30 as any class on Hardcore mode, Complete all story locations as Bio-Specialist, Saboteur, Tank; Reach level 30 as the Bio-Specialist, Saboteur, Tank.

You can read the full trophy list down below:


  • Alienated: Get all trophies


  • Maximum Gains: Reach hero level 100
  • I Fear Everything: Reach level 30 as any class on Hardcore mode
  • By the Power of Weird Alien Artifacts, I Have the Power!: Insert 12 maximum level cores into a legendary quality weapons
  • Beautiful Death: Equip every weapon and equipment slot with at least a level 30 legendary weapon or equipment


  • Worldwide Scientist: Complete all story locations as Bio-Specialist
  • With Cunning and Cleverness: Complete all story locations as Saboteur
  • Well, This Seems Useful: In solo play, activate every respawn beacon in one story location as a Hardcore character
  • This Trophy Is Much Easier than it Looks: Equip weapons and equipment of at least level 30 in every slot, and fully socket them with maximum level cores.
  • Then What?: Gain access to and complete the Mothership mission
  • The Opposite of Wasteful: Complete a level with accuracy rating of 90% or higher with 300 or more bullets fired
  • Sneaking Mission: Reach level 30 as Tank
  • Slyly I Creep, Efficiently I Reap: Reach level 30 as Saboteur
  • Presentation of a Rich Set of Skills: In solo play, complete a level without firing your weapons once
  • Eventful: Complete 100 challenge and/or hitman events with one character
  • Doctor of Death: Reach level 30 as Bio-Specialist


  • Delicate Touch: Complete all story locations as Tank
  • Yes, Very Subtle: In solo play, complete a level without using your Abilities, including rush and melee
  • Winter Sports: Complete all individual missions in Barrow
  • What Do We Have Here?: Gain an access key to a UFO
  • Tropical Thunder: Complete all individual missions in Fort Itaipu
  • Shipwrecker: Gain access to and complete the Battleship mission
  • Pleasant Little Locale. 5/5, Would Visit Again: Complete all individual missions in Ashlan
  • Ooh, Shiny!: Acquire your first legendary
  • I Love the Smell of Radiation in the Morning: Complete all individual missions in Pripyat
  • I Can Smell Colors: In solo play, gather three different Xenoflowers without the bonus effect of any of them dissipating
  • High Reroller: Reroll weapon or equipment attributes 100 times
  • Globetrotter: Complete all story locations
  • Fleshworks: Kill 20 or more Xenos with a single mine or grenade
  • Done and Done: Complete 20 assignments with one character
  • Bauble of Power: Acquire a rank 6 core
  • *Slap*: In solo play, finish off a Goliath with a melee attack
  • ((1+4)*2)x: In solo play, get a multiplier of 10x
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