Aliens: Colonial Marines Will Not Release in 2011

Aliens: Colonial Marines Will Not Release in 2011



NeoGaf reports in the new issue of EGM it is revealed that Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines, which was originally scheduled for 2009, will not release this year.

For a while the game was believed to be canceled after it was pushed back to make room for SEGA’s Aliens vs. Predator, but it turned out everyone just forgot about it. Late last year news outlets reported that the game was in fact shown at PAX Prime and would be coming in 2011. What could possibly be holding up production so much? My only guess is the latest attempts to inject life into the Alien franchise have been so embarrassing that Gearbox wants to wait for Ridley Scott’s prequel film so the two releases can coincide. As excited as I am for the game, I’m ok with this.

Reports have stated the developers are going for a more Alien feel for the game rather than an Aliens vibe. Alien is one of my favorite films ever and I’ve always though people who think Aliens is the best film in the franchise are off their goddamn rockers. Any game that could come close to the terrifying atmosphere of the first movie can take as long as it wants as long as it gets here eventually.