Aliens v Predator - First Impressions

February 8, 2010

Sega and Rebellion have hit a home run with this one. At the beginning of the multi-player demo you of course have the disclaimer stating “the demo you are about to play does not reflect on the finished product.” Well if the finished project is better than what was played tonight, then I can’t wait for the final version. Aliens v Predator really captures the feel for not only the movies, but also the comic series by DarkHorse.

The gamestarts out in the multi-player menu, where if the game was finished you could choose what type of game play you wanted. However, with this being a demo you take what they give you. Which in this case is death-match with 8 people. You can choose between 3 different characters from the movies and comic books: Marine, Predator, and Alien. I was made to choose the Alien with a class of warrior, which you can change classes of the characters you pick, however you had to again take what they give you. I would assume that as you gain XP you can choose between the other 2 characters because people playing in the game were also Marines and Predators.

You begin the game in a tunnel system which also looks like some sort of military experiments are going on. One of the best things about being the Alien is you can travel on any surface like the walls, ceilings, etc. You have no boundaries but you also are at the disadvantage that basically you have no weapons except your stealth and your tail. Marines and Predators have weapons and can hit you from afar if your out in the open. You must hide and when the time is right, you pounce because they have no idea where you are. Controls are easy to use and the only problem I might foresee is players losing their bearings with all of the thrashing around.

So if your a fan of the movies, a sci fi buff, or you just like a good ole brawl then go for it. Check it out and see for youself what Rebellion and Sega have in store for you. Take it for a ride and see what you think. Check back with DualShockers for a complete review and learn even more. Aliens v Predator is available in February for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Watch for it.

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