Aliens vs. Predator Trailer Makes You Go Ooh

The first iteration of Aliens vs. Predator was released in 1999 for the PC. And, by god, was it a great game. Nice visuals, good story, and a creepy ass atmosphere that can easily put modern horrors to shame. It was well received by critics, and quickly became a game that spawned massive amounts of fans. I mean, why wouldn’t it? It had two of the most bad-ass characters to ever hit the genre of sci-fi: the big-headed, black, stinky-breathed, silver-toothed Aliens, and the rastafarian-dreadlock-sporting, ugly-in-the-face, beedy-eyed Predator.

Almost ten years later, Sega – with returning developers Rebellion Developments – decides to bring back and revamp the series that fans have been praying for. Hoping that they didn’t borrow anything from the movies, which was torture to the original storyline from the PC game, the game looks promising. Bringing back the eerie aura that the series is known for, along with the three different perspectives you can play from (Aliens, Predator, or Marines), I am keeping my fingers crossed that it does the original AvP justice and then some.

Below is a trailer. A trailer which does look impressive and good, so far. Take a look at it and tell us what you think.

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