What's The Alienware Arena Genshin Impact Giveaway For Primogems?

Here's how to enter the Alienware Arena Genshin Impact giveaway

Celebrating the launch of Genshin Impact Ver 1.4 Invitation of Windblume, Alienware Arena, the global community of gaming PC brand Alienware, is currently holding a special giveaway for Genshin players – letting you receive a code to redeem for 50 Primogems during the duration of Ver 1.4. Here’s how the giveaway works and how to receive your code.

How to enter the Alienware Arena Genshin code giveaway

The Alienware Arena giveaway for Genshin Impact Primogem codes is accessible here. The only thing you need to do to enter, is to create an Alienware Arena account, and then click the Get Key button on that page. Keep in mind there’s a verification process when making the account, so you can’t use a fake email.

What to do if you can’t get a key

First, it’s possible you need to level up your Alienware Arena account to level 2 first. To do so, you must link your account to  social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, etc. To access the account link function, click the Alienware logo at the top right of the giveaway page and click the logo again in the sub window that opens up. If you scroll down the sub window, it should also display a “Daily Quest”. Search on the Alienware Arena forums how to complete that Daily Quest.

Moreover, there’s some kind of limitations regarding the number of keys available, and depending on which region you live in. As such, it’s possible you might not be able to get a key. Your best bet would be to regularly retry, at least once per day, and see if you manage to get your 50 Primogems code. This is the error code you might encounter if you’re unlucky:

“Unfortunately, a key could not be assigned to you. This can occur for one of several reasons, including:

1) We’ve ran out of keys before we could assign one to you while you were in the queue.

2) you are in a country or region that is not eligible to receive a key

3) A key has already been assigned to you.

4 ) reCAPTCHA validation failure”

In other words, 1) means you need to try again later. 3) is a unlikely scenario else you wouldn’t be reading this article. 4) means you might have timed out, so you should try logging off and in again, and refreshing the page.

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Keep in mind we also have a regularly update page for free Primogems and how to redeem codes.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, PS5 via backward compatibility, and Mobile. The game was also announced on Switch.

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