Alienware Will Launch New Steam Machines Every Year

Alienware Will Launch New Steam Machines Every Year

Alienware revealed their own Steam Machine during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Its machine was among one of 13 others. Today they have announced that their Steam Machine would get a new iteration annually.

Why is this the case? Like consoles, it will be hard to upgrade or update their Steam Machine. While there will be some configuration options like a faster CPU or the ability to add more memory, customization options will be limited. The fact that games will become more resource intensive further necessitates the need to update the machine annually.

Alienware has said that those who are looking for more customization options may want to considering getting a traditional gaming PC.  They also said that if people want to do things like change graphics cards or put in a new CPU then they might be better off getting the Alienware X51. Like the Steam Machine, this machine also has restricted upgrade options.

This particular Steam Machine is said to be priced competitively with current gen consoles. Will people be willing to pay $400-$500 a year for a new machine? Those who are interested in buying a Steam Machine may decide to wait a few years to buy a more advanced iteration. However, considering that some people gladly pay that much money every year for a new cell phone, buying a new Steam Machine annually isn’t out of the real of possibility for some.

I say if you’re going to spend that much money a year then you may as well just build or have someone build you a powerful gaming PC instead. You’ll be able to play Steam games on a custom PC after all. Still, this might be a viable option to some. We’ll have to see how this works out for Alienware.