All Faze R6 Skin Kits in 2021 - Valkyrie, Goyo, Caveira, and Hibana

Faze Clan 2021 bundle now available in Rainbow Six Siege.

Almost a month earlier, a Faze R6 skin leaked online, showing Valkyrie in a brand new red & black outfit. Now, it seems the new kit is going to get live soon.

Every year, each one of the famous esports teams in Rainbow Six Siege tournaments receives a unique full kit of their own on a specific bundle.

This year, the Faze R6 skin has been dedicated to Valkyrie, the two-speed two-armor defender that is mostly known for her 360 cameras.

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Valkyrie Faze R6 Skin 2021

The most recent Faze-themed addition to the list of cosmetics, gears, and outfits in Rainbow Six Siege is Valkyrie’s new 2021 full kit.

The set includes a red and black outfit along with a red-haired headgear for the two-speed defender. A Faze Clan logo has also been placed on Valkyrie’s cheek instead of the usual black lines.

The kit comes with an MPX weapon skin that has been painted in blue and black, unlike the outfit. An attached Faze Clan charm is also visible on the MPX that you can buy separately as well.

The full bundle will cost you 1680 R6 Credits. However, you can get them individually as well: Headgear for 600 R6C, uniform for 720 R6C, weapon skin for 300 R6C, and charm for 480 R6C.

Now, let’s have a look at the previous Faze Clan kits as well.

Caveira Faze R6 Skin

Announced in 2019 as the Faze Clan full kit, the Caveira bundle delivers a mostly black outfit with nice red trims on the edges, along with a Faze-marked headgear.

Provided by R6Skin

The weapon skin for the roamer’s M12 is a combination of red and black colors that don’t seem as fancy as the other Faze weapon skin. That said, the charm for Caveira’s kit is probably the best in the Faze collection.

Hibana Faze R6 Skin

The very first Faze Clan full kit in Rainbow Six Siege was released for Hibana. Including a black uniform with red trims, gloves, and headgear, the bundle delivered one of the most striking outfits of Hibana.

Provided by R6Skin

A weapon skin and a charm also released inside the bundle to complete the dark-themed kit of Hibana.

Goyo Faze R6 Skin

Similar to those of Valkyrie and Caveira, the Goyo Faze kit also comes as a full bundle including headgear, uniform, weapon skin, and charm.

Provided by Dexerto

While the uniform is similar to that of Valkyrie with a red and black design, the weapon skin for Goyo’s TCSG12 is probably the most gorgeous one on this list. A combination of red, black, and white has given a beautiful look to this semi-automatic shotgun.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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