All Future BioWare Titles Will Use Frostbite 2 As Their Engine

BioWare Edmonton General Manager Aaryn Flynn recently told Game Informer that all of the studio’s future titles would be based on DICE/EA’s Frostbite 2 engine, which debuted with Battlefield 3. While the engine is certainly capable of amazing graphical feats, time will tell how they can adapt that to RPGs like the next Mass Effect and Dragon Age III: Inquisition. 

I think so. When we look at Frostbite and the success we’re having with it with Dragon Age 3 and the support we’re getting from teams around EA, it’s fun being a part of an organization and community that’s doing good work with that technology.

While it’s certainly possible that the engine could be adapted and work amazingly for these games, providing them with a graphical depth RPG fans have only dreamed of before, it does raise concerns as well. For instance, this could be a purely financial decision rather then one made out of commitment to deliver the best gaming experience. Hopefully they will manage to pull off something amazing.

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