All Game IPs Acquired by Embracer Group After Square Enix Deal

The future seems bright for Deus Ex fans!

May 2, 2022

A gigantic move by Embracer Group announced earlier today, which includes acquiring three Squre Enix studios as well as many video game IPs.

Unlike its eastern divisions, the western studios of Square Enix were not performing well enough financially over the past few years. It was probably the epic failure of Marvel’s Avengers that totally disappointed Square Enix from getting anything big from its western division.

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Regarding how popular the Avengers superheroes are in the world, Square Enix was surely considering to gain big profit from Marvel’s Avengers, however, things didn’t go well enough and the game couldn’t even return its production costs in the first months of launch.


That being said, the Guardians of the Galaxy game by Eidos was an unexpected hit for Square Enix, but probably not big enough to change the CEO’s decision on selling the western studios.

Embracer Group today announced that they will be acquiring Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, and Square Enix Montreal studios for $300 million, along with many IP rights that we have listed down below.

All Game IPs Acquired by Embracer Group After Square Enix Deal

Keep in mind that Embracer Group has not revealed all the acquired IPs, but we will keep this list updated as soon as we hear more about the games that will be under the wings of Embracer Group.

  • Tomb Raider (confirmed)
  • Deus Ex (confirmed)
  • Legacy of Kain (confirmed)
  • Thief (confirmed)
  • Project Snowblind (not confirmed)
  • Soul Reaver (not confirmed)
  • Blood Omen (not confirmed)
  • GEX (not confirmed)
  • Whiplash (not confirmed)

If you are curious about the Sleeping Dogs rights, Embracer Group actually avoided to give a clear answer on that for now. To be honest, the game’s IP is a little bit complicated as it was developed by a Canadian studio that no longer exists.

Regarding the fact that Sleeping Dogs featured an Eastern Asian theme, it is possible to assume that maybe Squre Enix has secured the IP rights after the Embracer deal, but we really don’t have a clue on that until we hear something official from either sides of the deal.

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