All Game Reveals from the Riot Forge x Nintendo Switch Showcase

November 16, 2021

Riot Forge streamed their first-ever Nintendo Switch-specific showcase, announcing the launch of 2 games and revealing 2 new League of Legends stories.

The Showcase featured some of Riot’s most story-heavy games yet, all set within the vast universe of League of Legends.

As Riot’s official third-party publishing division, Riot Forge hosts a diverse team of developers to detail each of their upcoming titles.

Here, we break down what each of these games are and when they’ll release. It’s an exciting mix of RPG, strategy, and platformer gameplay, perfectly crafted for the Nintendo Switch.

Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story | Official Announcement Trailer

Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story | Official Announcement Trailer


Set in Bilgewater, Ruined King is a 3D RPG dungeon crawler featuring turn-based combat. In it, players can control multiple recognizable League champions in a high-action exploration adventure.

As Riot’s biggest story-centric game yet, Ruined King largely follows Miss Fortune and Illaoi. Aided by champions Ahri, Yasuo, Braum, and Pyke, the group must work together to stop the return of the Ruined King.

Though Ruined King will be heavy on narrative, it’s also a fast-paced combat game that requires strategic play. With unique enemy mechanics and a new lane combat system, players will have to time out powers and abilities to counteract the forces plaguing Bilgewater.

Ruined King’s lane combat system

The cinematic’s animation style also has a distinct comic book flavor, giving these familiar characters a new life for the Switch.

Ruined King is currently available to play now for $29.99 USD in the Nintendo eShop.


Choice Provisions’ explosive rhythmic platformer Hextech Mayhem is every chaotic player’s dream. Taking place in Piltover, players “boom to the beat” as the erratic Ziggs to cause as much musical mayhem as possible.

Though it’s a heavily music-focused game, the Choice Provisions developers have stated that it’s not exactly a rhythm game. Players have to take into account the rhythm of the music, but also its tone, its tempo, and its melody to be successful. It’s a fresh high-energy take on the classic genre that is sure to get your blood pumping.

With a Free-style Mayhem system, players can also try and find hidden prompts to bolster their scores. These hidden prompts can only be found by listening to and being in time with the music, challenging players to really think of the game’s soundtrack as another mechanic.

Hextech Mayhem from the Riot Forge Showcase

Following the Riot Forge Showcase, Hextech Mayhem is available to play on the Nintendo eShop for $9.99 USD.


Taking a much sweeter approach, Song of Nunu is a single-player story adventure game. Players will journey through the Frejlord as a young boy, Nunu, who searches for his mother among the ice and snow.

Though, players won’t have to do it alone. Nunu is aided by his best friend, a delightful four-armed yeti named Willump. Players will switch controls between two characters, venturing on a journey that is as much about their friendship as it is about Nunu’s search.

Additionally, Song of Nunu features a set of musical flute mechanics. When Nunu plays a tune from his flute, different elements in the surrounding environment will move to reveal new paths. Willump will also dance along to Nunu’s music – though if it’s off-key, expect a flying snowball to playfully hit Nunu’s head.

Song of Nunu from the Riot Forge Showcase

Song of Nunu will launch sometime in 2022.


Lastly, Double Stallion’s Convergence is an exciting 2D action platformer set within the polluted city of Zaun. This game was first teased at the Game Awards in 2019, but has since evolved considerably.

The platformer centers on champion Ekko as he uses time travel to save Zaun. In a game where the main character can make no mistakes, Convergence makes use of high-action platforming and character development to play out its story.

Convergence will officially launch in 2022 for the Nintendo Switch.

Convergence from the Riot Forge Showcase

That’s all for the Riot Forge Showcase! Check out the rest of the stream for a new demo of both Ruined King and Hextech Mayhem.

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