All Minecraft Live 2021 Mobs and How To Vote

Here's everything you need to know about this year's mob vote!

By Kyle Knight

October 14, 2021

The time is almost upon us, as Minecraft Live 2021 takes place this weekend with the ever so controversial mob vote returning for another round.

Fans will be given the opportunity to vote between three brand new mobs, and the winner will be added to Minecraft as part of a future update. This year brings us the Copper Golem, Allay, and Glare, all three having their own distinct features.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Minecraft mobs, and how you can vote for your favourite at Minecraft Live 2021.

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Minecraft Live 2021 | Announcement Trailer

Minecraft Live 2021 | Announcement Trailer

How To Vote For Minecraft Mobs At Minecraft Live 2021

Currently, the voting for Minecraft’s new mobs isn’t open yet. According to the official Minecraft website, players will be able to vote between the Copper Golem, Allay, and Glare on Saturday, October 16th during the Minecraft Live 2021 Event.

To cast your vote, simply head over to the official Minecraft Twitter account when the event begins, from here you’ll be able to vote between the three mobs.

Minecraft Live 2021 begins at 12PM ET, so the voting will likely begin around then.

Minecraft Copper Golem Mob

The Copper Golem was the third and final mob to be revealed as part of the fan vote. This mob can be built out of copper, similar to the original Iron Golem.

Because the Copper Golem is made out of 100% Copper, it will oxidize over time. So, what exactly does the new Golem do? Well, if the Copper Golem wins the fan vote, a new Copper Button will also be added to the game alongside the new mob, and this Golem will interact with the Copper Button at random.

More details on the Copper Golem can be found on the Minecraft website.

Minecraft Allay Mob

The second mob to be revealed for the fan vote is Allay, a cute spirit looking creature that has a handy purpose. If players give the Allay an item, it will gather more of the same item and return them to you.

The items that can be given to the Allay can be something you’ve crafted, a collectable, or even something you’ve mined. Once the Allay collects more of them item you gave to it, it will drop them next to a note block.

More details on Allay can be found on the Minecraft website

Minecraft Glare Mob

Finally, we have the Glare, which was the very first mob to be announced for the upcoming Minecraft Live 2021 fan vote.

The Glare is another handy mob that isn’t a fan of the darkness. If you’ve got the Glare by your side it will fly to areas that are incredibly dark and begin throwing a bit of a hissy fit, this means that the area the Glare is in is dark enough for monsters to spawn.

More details on the Glare can be found on the Minecraft website.

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