All “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3” Pre-Order DLC Costumes Unveiled

on January 29, 2013 4:01 PM

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is coming, and it’s coming soon: surprisingly, the game will be out sooner in North America–on March 05, 2013–then in Japan–April 18, 2013. So that gives fans of the series another month or so to decide whether to pre-order the game before it comes out… and Namco Bandai is giving your five more reasons to do so.

Having teased five costumes to come out in addition to the much coveted pre order bonus of Naruto in Goku’s costume (which must be a nerdgasm for anime and manga fans), Namco have released them all, along with pictures, which you can see in the gallery below. Included are Naruto’s Concept Samurai Costume, Sakura in a sailor schoolgirl uniform, Tsunade in a swimsuit, Sasuke’s Japanese kimono, and Itachi’s ANBU outfit. We’ll even throw in the Goku costume again just to show you we love you.

Perhaps to make up for getting the game a whole month and a half later, a demo featuring two scenarios will release in Japan on February 19, 2013, with no date on whether one will release in North America. Stay tuned to for more news.

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