Destiny: The Taken King – Here Are All of the New Details Announced In Today’s Livestream

on August 19, 2015 4:53 PM

Bungie’s livestream for Destiny’s upcoming expansion, The Taken King, has just ended a few hours ago and here is a recap of everything new announced for it.

Numerous rumors about new features coming to The Taken King have now been proven. The highlights of the livestream include that Exotic perks will be unlocked from the beginning, the new Quest Tab can now hold up to 32 quests and new weapons can now be field-tested.

Here is a full list of everything announced during the stream:

  • Light Level is an average of your Attack and Defense across all equipped items (including Ghost Shells)
  • UI Tooltips on the stats (Strength/Intellect/Discipline) are now updated, show actual cooldown times
  • Quest Tab – Up to 32 in total
  • Class Items no longer vanity items, actually help character become more powerful. like this
  • Ghosts specialise in collecting things on patrol i.e. Detects resources
  • Year 1 Rep Carries Forward!
  • Can only change allegiance once a week.
  • Solar burn skull perk – Reduces the effect of a burn on you. Useful for Solar Burn Nightfalls!
  • Exotic Blueprints help you regain anything that has been lost or sharded that is needed to complete the item.
  • Some year 1 exotics can be upgraded to year 2. These will cost legendary marks.
  • Exotic perks are unlocked straight away.
  • Attack values on year 1 weapons have been re-balanced.
  • New weapons can be field-tested.
  • Vault Space has been increased. Armour, Weapons and Consumables have 72 slots each with two pages per category.

Destiny’s expansion, The Taken King, will release on September 15.

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