All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Officially Confirmed by Netflix

'All of us Are Dead' is coming back with another season.

June 6, 2022

Recently, Netflix confirmed that the South-Korean zombie apocalypse horror series, ‘All of Us Are Dead,’ will come back with a Season 2. The cast from Season 1 announced the next season of the television series during the Netflix Geeked Week 2022.

Season 1 of All of Us Are Dead premiered earlier this year in January. The season featured a total of twelve episodes, and several people fell in love with the show because of its unique take on the zombie horror genre. The show is based on Joo Dong-geun’s Naver Webtoon, Now at our school, which ran from 2009 to 2011. Interestingly, after Squid Game, the live-action adaptation of ‘All of Us Are Dead‘ became Netflix’s second Korean series to take the #1 spot in 91 countries.


Season 1 focused on a group of students who find themselves stuck in their high school building during a virus outbreak. The children do everything in their power to prevent themselves from getting eaten alive by the infected. However, the high school is the epicenter of the outbreak, so the government finds it impossible to rescue these children.

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The first season of the ‘All of Us Are Dead ‘series ended on a massive cliffhanger. So, it was evident that the creators wanted to work on more seasons of the zombie horror series. However, Netflix usually renews a show after reviewing the first season’s performance. Fortunately, Season 1 of All of us are Dead is sitting at a rating of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes. So, after the show’s massive success, we knew that the season 2 announcement for the show was simply a formality.

Obviously, All of us are Dead Season 2 confirmation comes as good news for the community. However, the new season is early in production, so it’s too soon for the creators to confirm a release window.

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