All REQs of Anvil’s Legacy for Halo 5: Guardians Revealed and Action Slack Playlist is Now Available

All REQs of Anvil’s Legacy for Halo 5: Guardians Revealed and Action Slack Playlist is Now Available

Developer 343 Industries has unveiled the full lineup of additional REQs that will be introduced to Halo 5: Guardians in the upcoming Anvil’s Legacy content launching September 8, 2016. The REQs include neon weapon skins for standard UNSC weapons. The skins were credited to Twitter user Vetoed who speculated about it on reddit six months ago.

343 also talked a bit about the new Arena map Mercy, a remake of Halo 4‘s Haven. Instead of Forerunner architecture in the sky, it has been displaced into a cavern and now sports a Sangheili palette.

In the full REQ reveal we got a look at Wicked Grasp and Berserker’s Claw, two new weapons that have been taken from fallen Hunters. This will be the first time players can utilize the beast’s weapon in-game. A new magnum, with a silencer and 2x zoom, has also appeared, bearing a striking resemblance to the capabilities of the Halo 3: ODST pistol.

The promised Action Slack playlist is now live, featuring a collection of team, free-for-all, and infection modes and various Forge-created mini-games. The full mode list includes:

MONGOOSE SUMO: Full-contact mongoose wrestling. Beware of the shrinking platform; the last team standing wins the round. 4v4.

TANKWORLD: Win rounds by eliminating the enemy tanks from the battlefield. 4v4.

PAINTBALL JUNKIES: Take cover! If you get hit, you’re out. Eliminate the enemy team to win! 4v4.

MANTIS BREAKOUT: Win rounds by eliminating the enemy mantises. 4v4.

RIFT BALL: Smash enemies and score goals in low gravity! 4v4.

HUSKY RAID: As previously summarized by Bravo, “Charge down a narrow corridor to capture the flag. Persistence is…key.” 4v4.

MINOTAURS: Avoid enemy mantises in the labyrinth. If you get caught, you join their ranks. Infection.

GROUND POUND ARENA: Ground Pound your enemies to win. FFA.

Lastly you can find all the new screenshots in the updates in the image gallery below: