All-Star Tower Defense Update New Codes Today (September 2021)

Here are all the latest codes in All-Star Tower Defense Update.

September 25, 2021

Roblox All-Star Tower defense is one of the most popular Roblox games out there.

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All-Star Tower Defense has received an all-new update that adds a limited-time unit trading system. Along with that, there is a new code as well namely, longmaintenance. Here are the patch notes of the update.

All Star Tower Defense Update – Patch Notes

-Limited Unit Trading System

        -How do I enable trading?

                You can turn on Trading Mode in the settings menu.


        -What Units are tradeable?

Units that are tradeable are only those that are limited!

;Infinite Mode Leaderboard Rewards, Event Prizes, Dungeon Units, Contents of Capsules as well as the Video of the Week and Developer Units!


Banner Units are not Tradeable

Trial Units are not Tradeable

EXP Units are not Tradeable

Material Units are not Tradeable

Tradable Units have a ‘T’ Displayed in the corner of their slot in your inventory

        -What are the requirements for trading?

                Level 50 is the required level for trading!

        -Won’t trading make the game easier for new players?

Limited Units are considerably weaker then banner Units, these tradeable units are not to advance and aid in progression but rather to enhance your character, thus trading with newer players will not make the game easier for them. Due to the rarity and stock of Limited units ; trading will not cause them to be less rare then before as they will always exist a set amount of them.

        -Can’t I make a 2nd account and give myself stuff?

We’ve taken measures to ensure that making a second account will not give them faster access to obtaining tradeable units

-Unit Blessings

        We have added a new feature to limited units of certain rarity!

;When Equipping Select units on your shoulder they will now grant your character something Unique!

-Treasure Carts

Every few hours a Treasure Cart Contracts will appear in certain story mode missions, the locations and appearance time are different for each player. When joining the game you will get a notification signaling that a treasure cart mission is available. When scrolling through the story mission list you can find a distinct treasure cart symbol that lets you know which story level the cart has appeared in. Watch out though these carts are valuable and you may come across some new magic that will mix up your units. You’ll often find

treasure carts re-appearing every few hours.




Player XP



You can purchase Capsules with Robux or get them from events such as Treasure Carts. Capsules contain only tradable units which are decent in battle but cool to use as a companion. Capsule units that are of Rarity epic and higher grant blessings.

Through accessing your inventory you may open capsules as well as exchange capsule rewards for a Capsule [+] a capsule that has a greater chance of giving a Rare Reward.

Every few months capsules gets replaced with a new type that contains new rewards, leaving the old capsules to never be obtainable again!


-At the start of every Weekend [Friday/Saturday] a Dungeon will emerge in the Lobby, this takes place twice every weekend at a random time on the hour [The times will be respective to one favoring eastern time zones and the other european time zones]. Conquering Dungeons will grant you one of two units which depending on if its the first or second dungeon the select day . The two units will be similar but they will be variants of each other. These Dungeon Entrances can appear as timed [They only appear for a certain amount of time] or Stock [Only a certain amount of teams gamewide can be teleported inside the dungeon]. These units are always tradeable and have a shoulder aesthetic which differs between both variants. Once the dungeon goes away that Unit will never be obtainable again through any other dungeons, however variants of that Unit may appear again!

Requires: Dungeon License

Banner Rework

Players who have not progressed past Chimera Ant Story Arc will have a different banner from those who have. The contents of that banner contains units that are balanced better for earlier progression [5 Star examples: Ace, Zenitsu,Tanjiro,Whitebeard]. Players who have unlocked the second banner can swap between the two. It’s important to note that the 5 star contents of Banner 1 will never be summonable on Banner 2, thus giving more variety.

-Automatic Rejoin for Time Chamber

;You don’t have to auto click anymore to not disconnect

-Max Unit Level Increased to 120 [Levels Past 80 give less of a % boost]

-Units Gain EXP from Winning Missions

-10+ Brand New Units

-Damage Task Changelog:

        ;Increased Damage Task

;Changed the Total Damage Required to be less Linear (Total Damage Required increases more than previously when progressed further in the task)

-Special Chat Command: “ /e evolve “

        Attempts to evolve all EXP I and EXP II units in your inventory

-Voided All Units from the sacrifice event obtained through illegitimate means

-Story Mode EXP Gain Change

Losing in story mode missions grants less EXP then it did previously, winning still grants the same amount.

You need to get past wave 5 in order to gain EXP

-Low Graphics Mode in Settings [Helps Mobile Users a Lot]

-UI Scaling improved for all devices



        ;Emote Shop


        ;Unit Stats


        ;Left Buttons

-Client Memory has been optimized

        Crashing should occur less during games

-Server Memory

        Servers with long uptime should run more efficiently than previously

-Replaced Infinite Mode Leaderboard Prize ‘Club Beast’ -> ‘First Wood Bender’

-Fixed the Banner Bot posting the same Banner several times

-Another Lobby Theme Added! – Composed by AlbertKim

-Removed Some 5 Stars from the Banner and made them tradeable

-Name Changes:

        Zukia – > Ice Queen

        Jusuke – > Spirit Detective


        Gave Ice Queen 5 Star another upgrade

        Gave Spade 5 Star another upgrade

        Lowered cost of last 5 Star Mikato upgrade

        Gave The Strongest Curse another upgrade

        Gave Golden Supreme-Leader another upgrade

-Kaido Dragon Revamp + Shoulder Blessing [Soon]

-Aqua Blessing [Soon]

Other Things..

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