All Versions of Brink Receiving a Patch Next Week

on May 22, 2011 12:00 PM

All Versions of Brink Receiving a Patch Next Week

From what I’ve been seeing, people’s experiences with Brink have been pretty broad across the board. The good news is that these issues are being addressed, and hopefully will be fixed soon. Bethesda has put up a blog detailing some of the upcoming patches across the various versions, including a patch for the 360 version that has already been submitted to Microsoft and is expected to be live by next week.

The 360 patch will fix the lag a lot of users are experiencing as well as some small isolated freezing experiences. PC users can also expect a patch next week that will fix the problem of sound dropping out in various maps and improve graphical performance among other changes. The PS3 version is a different story, as gamers were unfortunately unable to play that version for awhile. It will be receiving the changes to the 360 version at the same time, and they’ll be keeping a close eye on the PlayStation 3 version’s performance.

For more details check out Bethesda’s blog.

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