All Witcher Schools & School of Cat, Lynx Medallion Explained

March 21, 2022

Witcher fans are curious to learn more about all the schools after CD Projekt Red announced that an all-new game is in development for the franchise.

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Those who have played the Witcher games might be well aware of witcher schools. If you haven’t, it can be simply explained as specialized places that train Witchers. There are a number of Witcher schools in the game’s universe. The game’s protagonist Geralt, hails from the School of the Wolf. During his training, Geralt was subject to more experimentation than the others, because of his resistance. This led to him having white hair as well as fair skin. This gave him the name White Wolf as well.


All Witcher Schools & School of Cat Medallion Explained

Here are the schools which are in the Witcher universe.

  • School of the Wolf
  • School of the Cat
  • School of the Griffin
  • School of the Bear
  • School of the Viper
  • School of the Manticore
  • School of the Crane

In the latest teased picture about the Witcher franchise, a medallion is present and many are wondering what that is. Well, it is a bit tricky. If you look at it initially, you would come to the conclusion that it is the School of Cat medallion. That makes a lot of sense since Ciri has a School of Cat medallion as well. She got the medallion after killing Leo Bonhart, who had killed three Witchers and had three different medallions.

However, if you take a closer look at it, you would find more similarities to the School of Lynx. The School of Lynx was found after the extinction of the School of Wolf, by Eskel, Lambert, and her wife Keira Mitz. However, considering that the medallion is partly covered, it could still be either of the two. We should be learning more in the coming days.

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