Allods Online Patch “Edge of the Astral” Coming Soon

Allods Online Patch “Edge of the Astral” Coming Soon

Allods Online Patch

One of gPotato’s latest free-to-play MMOs, Allods Online, is getting a new patch here soon. From what I’ve seen of this game in my time with it (which is ongoing), this is going to add a lot to the already great title, threatening to waste away dozens of hours of a person’s life. My life, even. It’s all your fault, gPotato, I hope you’re happy. I’ve listed a few of the highlights after the break.


  • Players can now split items that are in stacks. “Shift+drag” will remove one item from a stack, “Ctrl+drag” will remove half the items from a stack, and “Alt+drag” will open a window that will allow players to remove a specified number of items from a stack
  • Players can now see the exact number of items that are in the trade window when trading with another player
  • Fixed a bug with the visualization of fatigue when a player’s Flag of War had been recently raised
  • Added the ability to respond to whispers. The default hotkey is “BACKSPACE”
  • Guild information is now displayed above players’ heads
  • Fixed a bug where players under the effects of a War Banner would not have their Flag of War raised when they attacked a player whose Flag of War was lowered
  • Fixed a bug where spells that had effects that last over time and area of effect spells would not raise a player’s Flag of War
  • Fixed a bug with the walking animation of Kanian females


  • Fixed the quest “Regular Customers”
  • Fixed the quest “Meeting the Seers”
  • Fixed the quest “Yasker’s Emissary”
  • Players can now fight the second boss in Gorluxor’s Tower, War’kaz the Mindreaver.


  • Added new training quests that allow players that have already begun constructing an Astral ship to practice on a special training ship
  • Improved the visualization of the League Astral ships
  • Fixed a bug with the distribution of loot from treasure chests

For the full list of patch notes, head on over to the Allods Online forums and spend half an hour reading them. What is this, World of Warcraft?