Allods Online Set For Official Release With Upcoming Patch

Allods Online Set For Official Release With Upcoming Patch


Looks like there’s gonna be another MMO competing with your time soon. Allods Online, a microtransaction-based, free-to-play MMO that’s been in Open Beta for just under a month, is getting its official release with its next patch. The exact release date has not been set yet, but they have detailed the new content that will come with the official release.

·         An increased level cap and new spells and abilities! The level cap will be raised to 47, and new spells and abilities will be available for every single class. This means expanded talent trees and talent grids and a plethora of new ways to spend talent points and rubies!

·         New zones for high level players! Two new zones have been added for players to level in beyond level 42 – Kirah and the Isle of Revelation!

·          Improvements in the Astral! New regions of the Astral have been unlocked, and new allods have been added to both old and new regions for adventurers to discover.

I’ve never played it myself, but it does seem quite impressive technically (for a free-to-play MMO). The art does seem derivative, but it looks nice anyway. Definitely seems like something to look out for if you’re into MMOs but tight on the moolah.