Allods Online Takes Fan Feedback and Releases Region-Specific Patch

Allods Online Takes Fan Feedback and Releases Region-Specific Patch


MMORPG players are very vocal. Just take a jaunt over to the sesspool that is the World of Warcraft forums. Or, maybe this just goes for gamers in general. Either way, if there is something they don’t like about their preferred game, they make it known. Instead of waiting for that to happen, the team behind the free-to-play MMO Allods Online went out and contacted players and guilds to find out exactly what changes should be made to the game they all enjoy.

After the feedback was received, they compiled a list of changes and have put them live in a region-specific patch, only affecting North American and European servers. The patch includes a lot of things that – surprise, surprise – make the game less of a pain in the groin. Here’s a list of the major changes in patch 1.1.0:

  • The Astral is being revamped! Astral isles will be much easier to find, astral Demons will not be as difficult, and the quantity of Astral drops will increase.
  • More tradable items! The Rough Dragon Hide Backpack and Small Deposit Box will now be tradable.
  • More daily quests! A new daily quest will allow players to receive the Incense blessing and another daily quest will give players an opportunity to earn an XP Scroll (Scroll of Knowledge).
  • Extended item lifespan! The expiration date on items acquired from the Item Shop will be increased to 30 days.

Also mentioned in the press release is that they are hard at work on another major content patch making its way to you this fall.