Alolan Kanto Pokémon From Sun and Moon Coming to Pokémon GO

Alolan Kanto Pokémon From Sun and Moon Coming to Pokémon GO

Niantic has revealed that Alolan variants of Kanto region Pokémon will be making its way to Pokémon GO in the next few weeks.

While Pokémon GO originally launched with Pokémon only from Generation 1, developer Niantic has added monsters from subsequent generations in order to make the game feel fresh. While the game is currently on the Hoenn region right now, it seems like Niantic has decided to fast forward a bit in time, as they revealed today that Alolan varients of Kanto-region Pokémon are coming to the popular mobile game.

For those that don’t know, Alolan variants were introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon for the Nintendo 3DS and are special versions of generation 1 Pokémon that include different abilities and are a different “type” from their original counterparts.

Unfortunately, Niantic did not announce when we will be able to start catching these new variants, although they did say that it’ll be sometime within the next few weeks.

In other Pokémon GO news, a couple weeks ago the developer revealed that Pokémon GO Fest will be returning this summer and that a Safari Zone event will be coming to Europe and Japan as well.