Already Tired Of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

By Brendan Ecock

November 16, 2009

I have been playing Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2 since it hit stores. I am about level 55 at this point, and to me it feels I have not completed one single thing. I beaten the game which was fulfilling, and now the multiplayer is all that stands in my way. So many guns, so many secondary weapons, so many perks, but too many too unlock. It hurts me when I say that I actually stopped midway of a game, not because I was getting raped from behind with bullets, but from the thrill in which it is now lacking.

What happened? There was so much hype to the game. The graphics and storyline are awesome and multiplayer is just better to boot. It is a better game than its predecessor. If this is all true in my viewpoint, why am I still tired of this game? Maybe it is the overwhelming amount of things to complete in multiplayer, the challenges, the unlockables, even the play lists. In the original Modern Warfare game we complained there were not enough things to unlock and complete. Now it feels like there is a complete reversal of what people are complaining about now. Hurray that Infinity Ward created more maps for us to start with, because they owed that to their fans for their mistake in the first one. But when every single gun, perk, and attachment needs to be unlocked, the saying “That’s too much Bob” from the Price Is Right takes effect.

I feel as though Infinity ward wants me to stay and play this game forever if I were to try and go for my tenth prestige. I have accepted the fact that by the time I prestige to where I want to be, I will have children. If you were thinking it, no I am not old. Let’s get into detail as to why I have beliefs like these. Some guns have the Marksman 6 to unlock, where you have to kill 500 enemies with it. Isn’t that a lot to ask for? Didn’t the last game only have a maximum of 150 kills just to max out the gun’s stats? Sure I know I am good, but what about the rest of the gamers out there. Some are really good and can do that easily like me, and some really will have a tough time, and will accept the fact easier that they will get no where with that game. Even if you are good, the time it takes to get 500 kills is strenuous. It either will take many days, or maybe a few sabotage matches if you are really good. I can say the same thing when it comes to fulfilling pro status on perks, even obtaining new attachments to your gun.

I do realize one thing though. If I were to play this game again, which I will, I will have the mind set that I will just play for fun, play with my friends, and try to go for a winning streak. If I make it to prestige then I make it. Will I try to go for another? Perhaps, but I am not counting on it. By the way, to those who think I am bashing this game, crawl back into your holes because I am a patriot to this game, and as a patriot, I will admit it when it has flaws. I’m still young, and there is so much more for me to do out there. I am not getting sucked into this game. A great game, but “That’s too much Bob!”.

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