AMAX Nerf Warzone - Balance Adjustments, Possible Date, New Meta Inbound?

Could a new Warzone meta be inbound after the upcoming AMAX nerf?

According to Raven Software, the popular CR-56 AMAX will be receiving a nerf in Warzone in an upcoming update. DualShockers has put together everything you need to know about the upcoming weapon nerf.

This won’t be the first, nor the last, Warzone weapon to receive a nerf. The latest Season of Warzone and Cold War brought with it a substantial amount of weapon changes amongst other content.

Not only did the FFAR 1 have it’s damaged decreased, the Groza also received an increase in recoil control. These are just two of the many weapon changes that were introduced in Season 3, so make sure to read the full patch notes to find out more.

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Verdansk ‘84 Trailer | Call of Duty® Warzone™

Verdansk ‘84 Trailer | Call of Duty® Warzone™

CR-56 AMAX Nerf

In the latest Warzone Update released on April 28, Raven Software included the following information in the patch notes.

  • A sneak peek at some upcoming changes…
    • Balance adjustments to the CR-56 AMAX, FARA 83, and Bullfrog.
    • Changes to ADS Firing Speed on Cold War attachments.

It appears that the CR-56 AMAX will be one of three guns to receive a nerf in an upcoming update.

Possible Nerf Date

Raven Software didn’t exactly pinpoint when the weapon changes would be coming, but we expect it to either arrive in the next Warzone Playlist Update on April 29, or in the next patch which could arrive at the beginning of May.

Again, this is simply our speculation as no date has been confirmed by Raven Software for when the nerf will arrive. However, now that the nerf has been announced, we don’t expect it to be long until it arrives.

What Will Change

No exact details have been released about what will be changed in the AMAX nerf, but we expect it to decrease the damage or slightly increase the recoil control. These are the usual nerfs that weapons receive when they are deemed too powerful.

This is not official information regarding the upcoming changes, and simply personal speculation.

New Meta

Since many Warzone weapons received a substantial nerf at the beginning of Season 3, players had turned back to the reliable AMAX as the new meta. But what will be the latest weapon meta now that the AMAX is set to receive a nerf?

It’s likely that the recently buffed Cold War AK-47 could become the new go-to weapon for Warzone players. However, it’s also likely that many players will return to classic Modern Warfare weapons such as the GRAU, Kilo, or M4A1.

If you want to get ahead of the game, check out this AK-47 loadout that could become the new meta once the AMAX receives a nerf.

Cold War & Warzone Season 3

Season 3 of both Cold War and Warzone is now live in game! The new Season kicked off on April 22 with a whole plethora of content.

Warzone players were treated to the Destruction of Verdansk Event which saw the map become over run with Zombies, ultimately ending in its demise. However, the event did finish with players being transported back to 1984 and dropping into a brand new Verdansk for the first time.

Whilst Cold War players were given new Multiplayer Maps, New WeaponsNew Operators, and so much more!

You can jump into Season 3 of both games right now, don’t forget to grab the new Battle Pass when you jump in.

Warzone and Cold War are available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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