Amazing New Game Shown by Sony at July 2014 SCE Business Meeting in Japan

Amazing New Game Shown by Sony at July 2014 SCE Business Meeting in Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia holds periodcal “SCE Business Meetings” in Japan to show upcoming games to its business partners, including retailers and shop owners. Yesterday the July 2014 edition was held, mostly focusing on titles that will be released in Japan in September, but there was more, as reported by Osho, who works at the game store PAO in Tokyo, and was present at the meeting.

This is pre-release information, so I can’t write anything about it. I don’t think it’ll make the fall, so we’ll have to wait a little bit longer than that.


But I’ve seen actual gameplay, and it is really just breathtaking. I saw less than 10 minutes of the game, but I really have to take my hat off to the studio for their amazing work. Oh by the way, this isn’t about Final Fantasy XV; I wonder when that one is going to be released…

But anyway, I am totally going to buy this!

Unfortunately no specific information on what game was shown has been provided, as it’s probably under NDA (and in Japan they take NDAs pretty seriously).

We don’t even know if the game is for PS4, PS3 or PS Vita or if it’s developed by Sony itself or by a third party (SCE Business Meetings include both), but looks like Sony has an interesting card up its collective sleeve.  We’ll probably have to wait for Gamescom or Tokyo Game Show in order to see it with our own eyes, but it’s definitely promising.

[Translation by Timothy Roy]