Amazon FireTV Will Support Streaming Games

on April 2, 2014 12:01 PM

After months of rumors and speculation, Amazon has finally released news about its new streaming media device. FireTV will allow users to instantly access a huge database of movies, TV show and – more importantly – games.

According to today’s announcement “thousands” of video game titles will be available to users of the Android based device, including Minecraft. With an average cost of $1.85 per game, it will also feature an extensive free-to-play library as well.

Amazon Games Studio is also currently developing several unique IP’s of their own. Today’s preview included a first-person shooter Sev Zero.  Described as “a mix of a tower defense and a shooter,” the title is a sci-fi themed title with pretty solid looking in-game graphics.

Other previewed games include Asphalt 8, a racing title, Monster’s University, an endless runner, and a yet unnamed adventure game set in the jungle but managed to feature a T-Rex with a rocket strapped to its back.

The system’s controller will be available separately from main device for $39.99.