Amazon Loves You, So Here’s Some Great Deals

Amazon Loves You, So Here’s Some Great Deals


Everyone loves deals, and if you love Amazon, then it’s gonna be like Valentine’s Day around here. First off, they have Enslaved for just $25, so if you’ve been meaning to pick it up but had problems dropping 60 dollars on it, here’s you chance. That goes for both platforms, so no need to buy it for a platform you don’t like.

In other news, Amazon is also running another crazy deal. Buying two games from their list of games, with grant you an immediate $10 saving off each title, AND you’ll also get a $30 gaming credit off your next purchase. Talk about an early Black Friday.

They’re also running their gold box deals all day, so throughout the day, you can grab other games at a crazy price while supplies last. Guesses as to what these games might be are, SSFIV and Tony Hawk: Shred or Ride.

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