Amazon Prime’s Ending of 20% Off Pre-Orders Signals End of an Era

Amazon Prime’s Ending of 20% Off Pre-Orders Signals End of an Era

Amazon is ending its 20 percent off pre-orders deal on August 28 in favor of a system that will give $10 gift cards on select games.

It was just too good to last. In the past decade, Best Buy and then Amazon became the go-to place to pre-order video games. Amazon will be ending its 20-percent-off deal on video game pre-orders.

Back in the day, Gamestop was where you pre-ordered games. It’s where you told your mom to go to get your copy of Modern Warfare so she could have it when she picked you up from middle school. But as video games became a larger percentage of the entertainment business sector (and Jeff Bezos grew more powerful) other competitors began to offer similar reservation status on games to ensure that they could draw customers for midnight releases.

Those long lines at midnight became a challenge for some as work and family obligations dictated that they could no longer waste an afternoon huddled in front of a closed store in oftentimes freezing cold weather (Skyrim I’m looking at you). Not to mention digital pre-orders began to emerge.

Best Buy started its Gamers Club Unlocked and began offering gamers 20 percent off new games. They dropped the price from $99.99 to $29.99 for a two-year membership in 2015. They too are ending the reduced price on a pre-order model.

Amazon started offering a 20 percent discount not that long ago, but it seems that both companies are moving in a new direction and instead offering those who pre-order games a $10 gift card instead. This is notably worse as it only serves to encourage more spending at these stores.

Better get your pre-orders in now, as Amazon’s discount will apply to all games pre-ordered before August 28.