UPDATE: Amazon Reveals Dead Island's Release Date?

By Kyle Durant

April 7, 2011

UPDATE: With all the hype of Dead Island, this release date news got out rather fast and as such…some PR control was needed. Aubrey Norris, Manager of Marketing and PR for Deep Silver, has told DualShockers that any release date at retail (Amazon) is just speculation. The reason Dead Island has a current, specific release date of just 2011 is the uncertainty for when the actual game will be ready to ship.

“Just wanted to confirm to you that….we haven’t confirmed anything, any dates more specific than 2011 that you see out there at retail are just speculation and we don’t want to put a date out there until we are absolutely certain.”

Probably the most hyped up game the past couple years has seen is Dead Island. The CGI trailer, that made its appearance earlier this year, was both emotional and all too realistic. Needless to say, gamers everywhere took notice. Then the in-game screenshots came around and even more hype was built. Despite all this massive attention Dead Island developer, Deep Silver, has remained (surprisingly) quiet about the games’ concrete release date which is only teased as late 2011. Popular online retailer, Amazon, may have a different agenda though. Just recently the folks over at Amazon have updated Dead Island on the PS3, 360, and PC’s release date for August 30, 2011. Although August isn’t exactly “late” 2011, Amazon is a credible site. However, they’ve been wrong before about certain release dates and they are by no means correct in this instance. Anyone believe that Amazon is telling the truth or just posting a date so rumors will spread around the internet…wait a minute…

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