Ambitious Kickstarter TinyScreen Can Make the World’s Smallest Gaming Console

on October 6, 2014 9:43 AM

Ken Burns started a rather unique and ambitious Kickstarter for a product called TinyScreen, which is a tiny OLED screen that can be customized for several different uses. There are a few apps already installed (with no programming needed) into the TinyScreen such as a Smart Watch app, a video player app and even a video game app:


TinyScreen is designed to be used to display information from the TinyDuino platform, which stack together like little electronic Lego’s. Games can be played on the “system,” either with the four buttons along the side of the screen, or with the new Joystick TinyShield. This supports two analog joysticks. Currently there’s a Flappy Bird clone and Asteroids available as titles, with more games expected later on. Plus with the open source software library, other Kickstarter backers can create games and share them on the official website.

Currently the Kickstarter has raised $47,738 with 19 days to go, far surpassing its original goal of $15,000. Check out the pitch video below for even more information on the project. If you’re interested in contributing, go here to donate.

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