AMD Identifies Project Scorpio as One of its “Design Wins,” Is in Support of Microsoft’s Goals

AMD Identifies Project Scorpio as One of its “Design Wins,” Is in Support of Microsoft’s Goals

During AMD’s Quarterly Financial Conference Call, CEO Lisa Su talked about Microsoft’s Project Scorpio and Xbox One S, identifying Scorpio as one of the semi-custom “design wins” that Su herself mentioned back in April.

“Last Quarter at E3, Microsoft announced two new members of the Xbox One family, powered by AMD. The Xbox One S is the slimmest Xbox console ever, and the first to support HDR. The system is expected to go on sales in the coming weeks.

Microsoft also announced their next-generation game console code named Project Scorpio for the 217 holidays. Project Scorpio is designed to be fully compatible with existing Xbox One software, while leveraging AMD leadership gaming technology to create more immersive 4K and VR gaming experiences. Project Scorpio is one of the semi-custom design wins we communicated previously”

Later in the call, AMD’s CFO Devinder Kumar also mentioned that the company expects revenue to increase between 15 to 21% for the current quarter, driven primarily by graphics and semi-custom products “including the ramp of new semi-custom businesses.”

Su also explained that for the current quarter the biggest part of the company’s semi-custom earnings will come from current generation consoles as they ramp up towards the Holiday season.

She then was asked to comment on Scorpio’s possible pricing, but she declined to do so, mentioning that the company is in support of Microsoft’s goals with the console.

“We wouldn’t disclose anything that’s incrementally more than what our customer has disclosed, so I think Microsoft has talked about their goals with Project Scorpio; I think we are in support of those goals. Given the performance level, you would imagine that there is more capability on chip, but I wouldn’t want to go more than that.”

In the presentation slide below, you can see how AMD is planning to “broaden their technology reach” with new semi-custom design wins, which are used in the upcoming consoles.

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