AMD Announces Radeon VII GPU During CES Keynote

AMD Announces Radeon VII GPU During CES Keynote

The Radeon VII is AMD's latest GPU and it'll set you back $699.

During AMD’s CES 2019 keynote today, the Radeon VII, a new high-end gaming GPU, was revealed to be arriving next month.

The Radeon VII will serve as a more direct competitor to Nvidia’s RTX 2080 model and will retail for the same price of $699. Additionally, AMD says that this is the world’s first GPU to also utilize a 7nm graphics chip.

AMD’s CEO Dr. Lisa Su then proceeded to show the power of the Radeon VII on stage in a live demo of Capcom’s upcoming action title Devil May Cry 5. The game was running at 4K, ultra settings and was said to be running at well above 60 frames per second. While it was hard to make out the benefits of the GPU by watching via a compressed video stream, the gameplay did seem to be incredibly smooth.

Afterward, Su was joined by a representative from Ubisoft to showcase The Division 2 through the power of the Radeon VII. Much like with DMC5, the game looked pretty stellar. It has been a big day for The Division 2’s PC edition, combined with today’s earlier reveal that it wouldn’t appear on Steam. It’s also worth noting that those who purchase eligible Radeon VII’s will also receive free copies of Resident Evil 2The Division 2, and Devil May Cry 5.

Whether or not the Radeon VII can fight back against Nvidia’s dominance in the graphics card space remains to be seen, but the new GPU definitely seems to be impressive from what was shown on stage today.

The Radeon VII is expected to start shipping out early next month on February 7. You can see AMD’s flashy new trailer for the Radeon VII as shown in the keynote address below.